Lighting Design
Sound Reinforcement
With an ever growing array of professional lighting products from Industry Leaders such as Elation, Chauvet, Blizzard and others, our lighting designs are sure to take your event to a new level. We offer full uplighting, intelligent programing (DMX, ARTNET, CLINGNET, ILDA) and many other state of the art capabilities.
At every event, we fully customize your sound reinforcement needs to ensure the highest quality listening experience. We carry only the best in audio gear from industry standard companies. Our audio configurations and set builds are not only some of the best sounding but also the most asthetically pleasing.
We offer a wide range of special effects to make your event one to remember. From confetti, flame and CO2 cannons to custom built high powered KVANT-LASER projection systems, we have what you need to bring a WOW factor to your evening.
Every event is one to remember and so we make sure every smile and dance move is captured for you to look back on in the future. Our aerial photogrpahy options provide a new perspective for your guests to enjoy and relive your special day for years to come.
We understand that this is a big event for you and we are priveliged to be a part of it! Our promise to you is a team of individuals you'll be proud to work with. Our team will make sure we not only perform our best for you but also match your theme down to the smallest detail.